“We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean.

We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.

Carl Sagan

About Us

We are committed to building the space infrastructure of the future to enable the development of LEO as a stepping stone for colonizing space.

Woman inside a space station

Our Vision

Orbital Outpost X was founded with the vision of enabling space business applications to meet the main goals of both moving manufacturing services to space and addressing the human interest in space colonization.

Our commitment is to contribute to the space economy of the future with the goal of sparking new markets in technology, assembly, entertainment, and daily living with our creative business ideas.

Orbital Outpost X provides space-related technical services to commercial customers, space and government agencies by developing innovative and reliable technological solutions to match our customer needs.

Our experienced team works to serve our customers in meeting their space business goals and solve their challenges.

Our Mission

Orbital Outpost strives to build a modular, expandable privately owned space station in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The station will provide an operational assembly facility in LEO for integration of large space elements by a group of private space workers. The Orbital Outpost will also host privately owned space modules for research, manufacturing, and luxury space habitation. Intended for space exploitation by becoming the contractor for space systems with a high return on investment. This LEO Space Outpost is an initial infrastructure with the capability to grow towards more ambitious goals expanding services towards other markets. Our mission will lead us to contribute to the upcoming space economy allowing space agencies and commercial enterprises to embrace more ambitious space plans and missions.

Our Values

Innovation of future space infrastructure and space services

Integrity in what we do and how we achieve it with respect to our people, communities and our planet.

Safety & Reliability of all personnel and infrastructure

Passion for human space colonization, exploration and the well being of our planet and its inhabitants

Business Segments

Orbital Outpost offers a portfolio of space services:

In-orbit assembly & integration of large space systems.

Selling Assets, such as habitational and research lab facilities to end customers.

Hosting, providing frame connectivity plus common supplies.

Operational Services Procurement.

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